BEMER is consistently effective in the treatment of non-healing wounds and skin conditions

Studies conducted in European countries show visible improvements in skin condition, smoothness and elasticity. BEMER therapy combats the signs of aging and is used by clinics in many countries to successfully treat skin related disorders.

The BEMER Light Applicator has super-bright light-emitting diodes that emit a pulsating non-chromatic red light with a wave length of 660 nm. The applications range from skin improvement to cosmetic applications.

The diversity of the treatment options demonstrates the broad application spectrum of the BEMER light:

The BEMER is also used in anti aging medicine. If your cells are healthy you are going to look healthier. So it is no surprise that Miss Germany contestants, and many other people concerned with their health and appearance, will own and use a BEMER.

Boost your weight loss program

Following a diet or weight loss program can be stressful for your body, so how do you get the most from a diet while protecting your health?

A slow metabolism is often due to cells having insufficient energy to transport nutrients and oxygen into the cell, and waste products out of it. The BEMER improves cell energy (ATP) to speed up the metabolism and prolong cell life. A faster metabolism optimises your weight loss program, breaking down carbohydrates, fats, proteins and toxins. Additionally, this energizing therapy leaves you feeling relaxed with a sense of wellbeing, while your immune system and sleep patterns improve.

BEMER energises every cell in your body simultaneously. Stimulating cellular energy is known to increase blood circulation, oxygen saturation, cell metabolism, the immune system and other vital body processes essential during weight loss.