BEMER optimises Recovery & Perfomance in Sport

Using BEMER to Optimise Performance & Recovery

Dr. Horst Michaelis - Sports Medicine Doctor & ex-Director of the Academy for Bioenergetics

A number of clinical and experimental studies prove that physical activity will lengthen life expectancy and provide a certain amount of protection from chronic and age related diseases. Every sport we perform includes physical activity (other than Chess maybe), but not all forms of sport correspond to the natural movements of the body. Repeated movements that are unnatural to our physiology will cause deterioration and injury. With the striving toward personal peak performance, sport often leads to excessive physical taxation and exertion.

Intensive training and insufficient regeneration lead to high acidity and to ‘over training’. What follows is often a reduction in performance and a higher chance for injuries. Thousands of people per year experience serious sporting accidents in professional training or recreation, including torn muscles, pulled tendons, dislocated joints and broken bones. The result often is time out from training or missing work.

In addition, continued misuse or over-use of certain joints and muscles through injury of others can lead to chronic illness like osteoarthritis.

Effects of BEMER:

Bio electricity and electro-magnetism form the basis of all life. Metabolism, growth, regeneration, healing, etc. are produced and regulated by electro-magnetic mechanisms. The electro-magnetic potential of the nerve- and muscle activity and their secondary metabolic and energetic effects are fundamentally essential for a healthy metabolism. Healthy tissue structures can only be formed and upheld in the presence of sufficient electro-magnetic activity.

For the athlete, the necessary supply of electro-magnetic energy within the organism is reduced in the following manner: 1. Strenuous physical activity can lead to a lack of oxygen (anaerobic metabolism), and therefore to accumulation of lactic acid in the tissues. 2. An injury forces the athlete to become inactive (electro-magnetic energy is created through movement).

The BEMER induces a wide-band low frequency electro-magnetic field with an intensity matching that of natural biological systems and thus improves the energy level without any side effects. Through a multitude of physiological processes, like improved circulation, increased oxygen partial pressure in the blood, anti-traumatic and anti-swelling effects, as well as activation of the synthesis of certain proteins, the body’s natural healing- and regeneration powers are increased by about 40%. Quick regeneration has become one of the deciding factors in sports competitions today, where a fraction of a second can be decisive.

BEMER therapy before and after sport activities provides the following advantages for the athlete:

  • Highest possible performance, through activation of the cell metabolism
  • Optimum preparation for training and competition, through energy conserving warm up
  • Decreased risk for injuries, through improved blood circulation in the muscles
  • Faster healing of sport injuries
  • Prevention of long-term injury effects
  • Highest possible performance through activation of metabolism and quicker regeneration

Therapy with the BEMER leads to improved viscosity of the blood, increased circulation and higher oxygen partial pressure in the blood, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the individual muscle cells. Since cell metabolism is also optimised, these additional energy carriers can be used more efficiently. The cells under duress can be regenerated and detoxified faster (from acid/lactose) and metabolic waste products are broken down and removed from the tissues.

Optimum preparation for training and competition by means of energy conserving warm up: In every sport, a good warm up is the pre-requisite for top performance and reduces risk of the injuries. At the same time though, it costs the athlete valuable energy. BEMER warms the muscle tissue and activates metabolism. Therefore, the warm up can be reduced to a discipline-specific minimum and the saved energy is available for the competition itself.

Decreased risk for injuries through improved circulation: Through improved regeneration, especially that of the muscles, hardening of the muscle tissue is prevented and/or decreased. This reduces incidents of torn muscles and ligaments and other related injuries.

Faster healing of sport injuries: By using the intensive applicator on the injury site, traumatised tissue and edema get reduced significantly faster. Also, due to the increased synthesis of repair proteins, a faster healing process is achieved.

Prevention of long-term injury effects: Long term disabilities due to sport injuries are the result of irreversible changes caused by repeated tissue damage. Through quick and complete regeneration of damaged tissue, sport related disabilities and chronic conditions can largely be prevented. BEMER is used in Europe by several professional sports teams and competing athletes, who consider the therapy essential to their continued success.

Source: Academy for BioEnergetics, (AFB) Liechtenstein, 2002.