BEMER's Patented Signal

The BEMER Signal - The Active Agent

The BEMER signal is the 'active' component of BEMER therapy. This unique & patented wave-shape signal was developed by Prof Dr Kafka and reaches from 2500 to 6000 of the body’s different cell frequencies - every second.

The signal has been designed to be of the lowest emission with the maximum frequency spread. This means that for a much lower energy emission, all cells are energised at the same time. For example, most devices with strong sinusoidal signals reach at most about 150 different cellular frequencies. The BEMER reaches over 2500 cell frequencies 33 times every second, so the BEMER has no contra-indications because it does not need a high intensity to cover its incredibly wide frequency range.

The BEMER is able to accomplish a much better spread of therapeutic action with no negative side-effects. It supports the body, and does not cause the body stress or subject it to unnecessary ‘magnetic radiation’.

Why is this important to you?

The BEMER achieved an 88% success rate* with 42 different ailments/conditions during a period of 4-6 weeks.
For this reason, whether used in the medical practice, home or sports field, by the ill or the elite athlete, BEMER systems offer unrivalled performance and success, with results previously thought unattainable.

* AFB Multicentre Practitioner study from 220 different medical clinics, 2003

New standards in electromagnetic field therapy

Dr. R. Klopp, Senior Consultant & Head of the Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin, has succeeded in optimising the BEMER signal still further. Besides the previously known physiological effects, BEMER plus activates vasomotion of the blood vessels to a significantly greater degree than the traditional BEMER signal. Vasomotion refers to the rhythmic oscillations in vascular diameter of the arterioles and smaller arteries that play a vital role in distributing blood throughout the tissues.

Benefits of BEMER plus:

  • Significantly enhanced activation of vasomotion.
  • Improvement in spontaneous arteriolar vasomotion by 19 percent
  • Increase in venular oxygen utilisation by 15 percent
  • Increase in venular flow rate by 21 percent
  • Increase in the nodal points perfused with blood cells by 24 percent 3.
  • Greater benefit to the user in terms of fitness as well as preventive and therapeutic effects.