I am a retired pharmacist suffering from Poly-Arthritis Nodosa. I've had a reconstructive operation to my right knee after I suffered major damage when a horse threw me. I developed a septic arthritis postoperative and was bedridden for 7 months. I was on massive drug doses after being diagnosed with the aforementioned condition (80mg Cortisone, 100mg Endoxan [cytostatic] as well as NSAID daily). I was frequently hospitalised and the Orthopaedic surgeon advised me that a knee replacement was inevitable.

My wife has an operation to her back 2 years ago and during October 2002, she developed major complications. She was in constant severe pain and could not sit for more than 5 minutes as a time and hardly slept at all. After a MRI scan, a neurosurgeon advised major surgery with fusion of 5 vertebrae. It was scheduled for 04/12/2002.

We are both keen on keeping fit in spite of problems and walked 2-5 km, 5 times per week, in spite of discomfort and pain.

I heard about the BEMER system from a colleague and attended the BEMER presentation and training session at Midrand during the latter part of 2002.

I was quite impressed by the possibilities that the presenter outlined and bought a BEMER for my own use. The instrument was delivered to be in Pretoria on the 26th November 2002.

We started immediately with an intensive treatment schedule.

Now the wonderful news!!! Both my wife and I experienced an immediate beneficial response. We took the instrument with when we visited our kids in Cape Town for Christmas so that we could continue treatment. We visited Kirstenbosch Gardens and speculated on climbing the JC Smuts trail but it was too late and we went back to Bellville. We mentioned our idea to our children and they thought we were a bit dilly.

We thought it to be a challenge and on Monday 30th December 2002, we attempted our assault on Table Mountain. We set off from Kloof Nek at 08h00 - walked the route passing under the Cable Way and climbed to the top via Platteklip Gorfe - reaching the summit at 13h10. We were absolutely ecstatic and our children could not believe it. We took the cable car down and after a nice hot shower; we both had an M2 treatment and a good nap. The most unbelievable aspect is that we had NO PAIN OR STIFF MUSCLES THE NEXT DAY!!!! We are 66 and 57 respectively.

We are so pleased with out BEMER and recommend it far and wide. Two of my friends have bought BEMER instruments due to the wonderful results we have had with ours.
Bossie and Hester Boshoff

After not feeling well and going to the emergency room at the hospital, I was diagnosed with severe kidney disease. I was told that I had three weeks to three months before complete kidney failure. I was given tests for this and other potential problems, and then prepared for dialysis. I received dialysis five times, then with the tubes still in went home. I was given papers to fill out for a transplant, and scheduled for further testing. It was at that time I was introduced to the BEMER 3000 - a friend lent me one - and although it was not specifically made for my kind of problem, I felt I had nothing to lose by using it.

I used the BEMER 3000 twice per day twenty minutes each time at the P4 setting. On my next scheduled visit to the doctor, I had shown a slight improvement and he recommended we put off my next dialysis session temporarily. After that, my kidney function continued to improve about one percent per month until I reached a high of fifty-one percent. I was able to maintain between forty-five and fifty percent function until I had a problem with the BEMER 3000 I was using.

I did not have one for a month or so and dropped to around thirty-seven percent function. It was then I was convinced that the BEMER 3000 was helping maintain my kidneys. I ordered and received a new BEMER 3000 and started using it right away two to three times a day. The kidney function again reached between forty-five and fifty percent over a period of time. Although I continue to struggle with my diabetes and kidney problems and all that goes along with that, I have managed to avoid dialysis or a transplant and have had an active working life for the last eight years. I firmly believe that although the BEMER 3000 has not cured me of kidney disease - I am told there is no cure for kidney disease - the regular use of the BEMER 3000 has had a large impact in keeping my kidneys from failing completely.



Before being introduced to the Bemer 3000 I would catch every cold out there, my body was constantly tired and all of this slowly got worse as the years went by.  After having a miscarriage my body really had trouble, especially since I had taken a progesterone prescription from my OBGYN the month before. Fatigue set in and my hormones felt like they were never balanced. The doctors could not give a reason for my fatigue. I tried to get pregnant off and on for the next year and a half with the doctors having no explanation to why I wasn't conceiving. My husband and I were both tested for fertility problems, but they found none.


I rented the Bemer 3000 in July of 2007; depression had overwhelmed me due to lack of energy and there was no fight left in me to live life. Part of me wanted to die because that was how my body felt inside, deathly. After making some diet and body changes for the Bemer 3000 to circulate properly through my system, I noticed after 1 week on the Bemer I was feeling a bit better. It was during this week I started having hope. Since then my health has made a complete change.  Three months later on the Bemer and I have so much energy; I am able to exercise, work hard, cook ... I could go on!  I feel the Bemer 3000 and the people who invented it are amazing.  My appreciation toward what the Bemer 3000 has given me is boundless because I am now 5 weeks pregnant and my health is doing great! I am still in amazement as I write this. Not only is my health better, but my skin looks nicer and I am able to go running and do exercises I haven't done since I was a teenager.

My husband and I are both eternally grateful at this point for what the Bemer 3000 can do to help the body heal.

I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL to ... the creation of this wonderful system!


We have just finished our 2nd week with the Bemer 3000 and even took it with us when we went away for a few days with friends.  We are both feeling great.  My husband has had great relief with the pain that he gets some time with his feet (has a flat foot which causes a lot pain if he walks too long on uneven ground).  I have experienced relief from irritable bowel pains after using the pillow over my abdominal area/chest area.  Also gastric reflux pain relief. The pain I was experiencing around my lung area has gone now.


Ten years ago I was diagnosed with ME.  I suffered from this for 4 years which has still left me debilitated.  With the introduction of the BEMER Therapy - using it once a day for 8 minutes - it has turned my life around.

It has helped me to function normally again without feeling fatigued as I normally would before I started using the BEMER 3000.  Bear in mind that I am now 10 years older than I was before the illness. I have now been able to join a gym and work 12+ Hours a day without feeling fatigued and tired.  I wake up with energy and have a sense of well being every day.  All of this thanks to the BEMER Therapy. Kind regards


After just five/six sessions on the BEMER, I had my first virtually pain-free period in years.  In addition, although I did have a migraine just after my period, it was less severe than usual and I could manage it with much less medication.  The following month I saw a repeat of these good results when I had my second pain-free period and no migraines at all.

I also had some pleasant surprises - I have some enlarged joints in my hands and feet which occasionally - usually in winter - becomes stiff and painful.  After using the Bemer for a short while (for my menstrual problems) I found that the stiffness and pain had been greatly improved.  After having noticed these results, I treated my feet with the coil cushion for 2 days before a dinner dance recently.  I was hoping to wear high heels (which I usually don't because of the painful joint condition).  Well, I danced the night away, in my heels, without being in any discomfort - I have not been able to do this for years!

Furthermore, my young daughter is asthmatic and when she has a bad spell, she often starts coughing at bed time and just cannot stop coughing no matter what we try.  The only thing that seems to alleviate it is to keep her upright, which means that I often spend the night sitting-sleeping with her on a sofa.  When she recently had such a coughing fit at bed time, I placed the Bemer mat on her bed and just put her on an 8 minute programme.  Before the session had finished, she fell asleep and continued to have a good night's sleep until about 5 o'clock in the morning.

I would certainly recommend the Bemer to anyone who has menstrual problems, or indeed, any other health problem.  It seems to me your Bemer works for everything.


I am totally blown away by the BEMER 3000. I saw my Doctor last Monday prior to being on the machine. I wanted him to see my progress from before the Bemer & do a week by week progress check.
Last Monday I had the pins & needles down both arms, pinching of nerves, weak sore hands, weak arms, weak sore neck, lack of movement all over & general weakness all over & I was VERY frustrated with all the
I saw him yesterday; His jaw dropped & his eyes nearly popped out of his head! He was ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHED by my fast recovery. He did a muscle test & reflex test (as he did a week ago) & he cant believe I’ve gone from my condition of painful spurs, stenosis, calcification etc to no pain & no symptoms in the week!!!!!!! Now my strength is AMAZING in my hands, arms, neck etc. (The BEMER truly is The BEST). 
He wants me to bring the BEMER into his surgery so he can see it for himself.
It wasn't that long ago that he gave me a shot of pethidine & he was clearly upset about my condition feeling that surgery was probably my only option, but I believed there was another way & that’s when I searched & found the BEMER.

I was hoping that I would progress to this stage within a month, or even 2 weeks if I was really fortunate. Little would I have ever imagined I would feel so FANTASTIC in a week!!
Sincere Thanks


I felt I had to write and tell you how good the BEMER is.  I returned to Australia following some years working overseas during which time I had suffered a stroke and developed an extremely painful condition in my right hip.  I have made good use of the BEMER for 6 months now and have experienced a great improvement in mobility of both my left arm and right hip.  Whilst previously I was unable to walk for more than 5 minutes, I can now walk for hours without any discomfort.
I also have Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, resulting in very poor circulation in legs in feet.  By using the BEMER on a daily basis I not only have more energy, but have noticed a steady improvement in my condition, so much so that my Doctor is reviewing my medication with the aim of reducing the number of tablets I take daily. I would recommend anyone with any physical or diabetic problems to try the BEMER.  I cannot speak too highly of it. JH

I had a very bad fall caused by uneven pavements. A friend saw my injuries and immediately told me about the BEMER equipment. My face was cut and bruised; I had a cracked rib and multiple bruising over my body, legs and arms. I started treatment on 26 January in the following few days everything eased considerably. For my face I used Special Light Therapy and within 5 Days the cuts and bruising had almost disappeared!  Only 5 Days!!!


After suffering for years with Fibromyalgia, I started using the BEMER 3000 at a friend’s insistence.

I started sleeping better, my energy levels improved, and it helped me cope well with the pain. Now, I hardly suffer the symptoms at all, my doctor reduced my medications, and I have recommended the BEMER 3000 to all my friends.

Even my husband, who was sceptical, first did some research into the scientific basis, and then started to use it. Now he won’t leave home in the morning without his session on the mat to reduce stress and get more energy.

Thanks BEMER 3000 for helping me get my life back!


Round about 6 weeks before my world championship training preparations, one of the most intense training periods for any athlete, I tore my infra spinatus muscle. My first thoughts were that I would have to terminate my preparations as the medical diagnosis was: Three weeks total rest and administration of anti-rheumatic and anti-phlogistic medicine.

This would have effectively ruined my participation in the World Games in Japan. The situation was critical with a capital C: I could not move my left arm and hence could not train anymore.

As it happened, a friend who owned a Bemer 3000 privately offered me the use of his Bemer 3000. I gladly accepted the opportunity to undergo Bemer 3000 treatment.

The astonishing thing was that I was able to move my left arm after only two therapy sessions and I decided to recommence my training program the very next day.

I won the Gold Medal at the World Games in Japan! My winning is not due to the Bemer treatment alone, however, no matter how good the training preparation, without the Bemer 3000 I would not have been able to compete at all.

The advantages of improved circulation, fast regeneration from a sports injury, improved metabolism and the likely prevention of further injuries let me wholeheartedly recommend the Bemer 3000 Therapy for my own Fitness Studio. Now of course, I use the Bemer 3000 Therapy for myself regularly.

Pavlos Mentis


My daughter, Megan, was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Her right leg was seriously injured. In fact, it was half amputated at the scene of the accident. She was rushed to a Clinic where a 6 hour operation was performed to try and save her leg. The main problem was that her artery was severed. A plastic artery was inserted, but unfortunately a few hours later, blood clots formed not allowing blood flow to her foot and her foot died. Amputation of the lower limb was performed immediately, which took another 4 hours.

The next weeks were very difficult as Megan's phantom pain caused her great distress. The medication prescribed for her did not seem to help. Three weeks after her accident, her grandmother (her best friend) passed away, a very trying time for us all.

In the beginning of January her wound became infected and there was an area of about 7cms in length, 2cms in width and 1cm in depth that caused the plastic surgeon concern. I had to take Megan to him twice a week for checkups. Instead of her wound closing, it was bursting open. He then mentioned that he might have to take Megan back into theatre. I could not allow this to happen as Megan (and I) would emotionally not cope with yet another theatre session.

I was referred to BEMER 3000 and we started the very same day. Even after as little as 3 sessions, we could see a very definite improvement. By the time we had to see the plastic surgeons again, Megan had had 5 sessions of BEMER therapy. He was amazed at the improvement. No more theatre.

We have been attending everyday since with very positive results. Her wound is now 4cms in length and about 0.5cms in depth. She never had the courage to look at her leg, but now that she knows it is improving, not only does she look at it, but she also inspects it. She would never show anybody her wounds, but now all her friends and our friends have to have a look. She is so excited. No words can describe the gratefulness and thankfulness for the quality of life restored to Megan.

Thank you


A few case studies as promised: Female patient, 72 years of age, complained of severe headaches and suffered from shingles over the left eye and forehead (N. trigeminus). Eyelids were red and swollen. Standard treatment with Acyclovir brought no relief or improvement. In the hope of not doing any damage I suggested additional BEMER3000 treatment (levels M3 and M10). After only 3 days of therapy, the pain, the reddishness and swollen condition were completely gone.

Female patient (30 yrs) in a management position complained about chronic headaches and sleeping disorders. She used Anti-Inflammatory medication more or less regularly for the last 3 years. After 5 days of daily BEMER3000 treatment (M10/P4 on the neck) she is complaint free and sleeps well without any medication.

A 70 year old make suffered a stroke at the beginning of July. The patient underwent daily BEMER 3000 therapy at the Westville Hospital. After only one week of daily BEMER3000 therapy, the patient could recall specific bank account details and discuss them with his wife. Two days later, the paralysed leg started moving again and he was able to touch his knee. With the aid of appropriate physiotherapy, he can now also stand upright on his own. The hospital staff said that they had never seen such fast recovery and healing.

The list is endless. Here are a few structured thoughts:

The number of my daily patients has doubled since starting the BEMER3000 therapy. The healing success in traditional medicine in combination with BEMER 3000 treatment has also improved rapidly. The BEMER 3000 therapy is without a doubt a new dimension in patient medical treatment. Patients are generally more co-operative and their improved medical condition promotes a mind-set for a healthier lifestyle too.

For me as a medical practitioner, this represents a very positive professional experience to heal my patients more effectively.

Dr. A. G. T

Just to let you know - the vet that amputated the Joey's toe told me that it would take at least 3 months before I would start to see any real improvement.  Well, it has been 2 days short of two months and the wound has completely healed.

I was using the intense applicator over the wound on setting 10 - doing this through the bandage.  Then, I would remove the bandage and hold the light over the wound on setting 10.  I was doing this every day but it was healing so fast that after only 3 weeks I went to changing the dressing every 3 days.  Each time we removed the dressing both my husband and I just couldn't believe the rate at which it was healing.

I'm probably not telling you anything new but we are so totally amazed. Regards


March 2004 I had a major heart attack. Since then I could not sleep well anymore.

Since I started to use the BEMER3000 I can sleep like a baby. I have no problem anymore to fall asleep. And when I sleep, my sleep is sound. Sincerely


I am 59 Years old, and like my doctor says, it is the age to start prostate problems. My Father died of Prostate Cancer, and I really don't want to follow in his foot steps. A friend of mine suggested that I try the BEMER 3000. I had little to no faith in it. He convinced me and I started using the BEMER3000. After a few days, I could go for a whole hour long walk without worrying where the next closest bathroom would be. I feel free and not limited any more.

I am impressed. This is how I came to own a BEMER3000. Thank you


My 82 year old husband has severe emphysema. He had the worst flu I have ever seen. He didn't run a temperature, but he could not breathe.

He tried the BEMER 3000 right when he was at his worst, and everybody asked him how he felt. He said: "I don't know what to think about the BEMER3000, but, I can breathe now"

Our daughter purchased a BEMER 3000 for us. My husband feels so much better and doesn't skip a session. Just for your information, and may be it can help others too.


For 20 years I have been in and out the Hospital with a bleeding ulcer. They tried all the medications on me. I lost blood, work, and was in a lot of pain. Truthfully, the idea of being on so many medications really scared me. So, I started using the BEMER 3000. I think it is the best investment I have ever made. After all, what is the most important investment other than in our own health?!

So I have been using the BEMER since, and gradually, no more pain. No more bleeding. I’ve got so much stronger. I feel healthy. The most important thing is that my stress levels came down significantly. It is so relaxing and healing.

My best regards and thanks


Over the past two years I have gone through an emotional time with my health. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have now undergone six operations. I now have severe lymphoedema of the left arm.

In March of this year I started using the Bemer 3000 at the Reach for Health Centre. Within six weeks I felt a huge improvement in my health. I had no pain in my arm and the depression I was suffering had gone. Thanks to the Bemer 3000 I don't need painkillers or anti-depressants.


I only started using Bemer therapy when my wife and son started having such good results. If we get the winter colds and flu, we all use it to recover. I now have more energy, I sleep better, and as for the slight prostrate problem that was developing, the Bemer 3000 has cleared it!

KF, Sydney

My 13 year old son Sam has had some major sporting injuries this year. He plays Football in a Division 1 team.  Earlier in the year he had surgery on his thumb and was out for 12 weeks. He returned and played only 2 games - only to break his rib before half time in the second match!

I took him for X-rays and he had broken his number 8 rib and we were told it would take 8-12 weeks to repair. It was a displaced fracture. He did not take the news well. I put him on the Bemer 3000. Because he wanted to get back to playing he thought he would give it a go. He used it a couple of times a week. The pain reduced and over the weeks he started doing light training.

5 weeks after the injury we went back to the doctor who said it was too soon to go back to play, but sent him for x-rays. The x-rays showed the rib had completely healed, and they said it looked as if the area was at least 8 weeks old as it had a great amount of calcification around the break.

He played the next weekend and scored 2 tries - he was ecstatic! I believe his speedy recovery is due to the BEMER 3000. Instead of his season being over, he is back to playing the game he loves. In the future, if any of his friends have injuries, I will recommend they use the BEMER 3000.

KB, Penrith

I have been using the Bemer 3000 for about six months after my son, who is also an active sportsman told me of the benefits he experienced using it. I am a pharmacist and have taken NSAID'S for 25 years. I am 70 years of age and at the time I suffered multiple problems with my joints and muscles along with tendons and connective tissue from a life-long passion of playing tennis. To be specific I suffered golfers elbow on the left side, tendonitis of the rotator cuff on the right side (having had a total repair ten years ago) and inflammation and swelling of the right index finger from gripping the racquet.

My lower back was also very stiff after each session. All symptoms have improved about 90% after two months of using the Basic program followed by level ten and the intensive applicator twice a day. I have reduced my pain relieving anti-inflammatory drugs to just 2 or 3 a week and will continue using the Bemer 3000 on a regular basis. Thank you, Bemer.

JJ, Fairlight, New South Wales

Amazing! That is what I think of the BEMER 3000! I had a complete hysterectomy. The therapy was very helpful for controlling my pain as well as to shorten the healing process about 50%. I had also been having trouble sleeping through the night, and now I sleep the whole night through.

LH, Wisconsin

I suffered severe spinal injuries over 20 years ago. The pain and discomfort caused me to search for years for help from every therapy imaginable, but none had long term results, and many had serious adverse side effects that negated any good.

I suffered from Migraines every few days and muscle pain, and this often affected my work performance leading to years of analgesic and anti-inflammatory abuse which further affected my health...

With the Bemer 3000 treatments I may only experience a Migraine aura once every 3 months; then I lie down with the P1 setting and in minutes the aura passes and the migraine does not develop. From using a pack of 18 Mersyndols every week to not even having any in the house! Unless you have suffered this kind of pain, you simply won’t understand how grateful I am for my Bemer 3000!

Bemer 3000 therapy not only alleviated the symptoms, but it is actively healing my old injuries. For example, scar tissue that had formed softened, and is now completely gone, increasing feeling and mobility. My sleep improved, arthritis in my hands is forgotten I found the Intensive applicator was especially effective for my hands and spine.

Mental clarity and my ability to deal with stress have also improved. Since I began treatment, my son, who suffers from ADD is also experiencing improvement, as is my wife who suffers from back pain. It is our first aid kit when we hurt ourselves; it is our pain relief medication; it is quite simply what we need it to be when we need it. After a fall, the children (2 and 10) don’t run for the medicine chest and the Bart Simpson plasters but run to the Bemer 3000 and happily use it.


For years I have had lower back pain, which caused me great discomfort. Since using the BEMER 3000 mat and intensive applicator twice a day, my back pain is completely gone. I also use it before bed to help me get a good night sleep.

ES, Minnesota

I have suffered from Cerebral Palsy from birth. The Bemer has helped me in that I don’t suffer from indigestion and stomach cramps anymore. Also when I stood for long periods of time, or got up in the morning, I suffered from backache. With the Bemer therapy this does not happen anymore

TF, Sydney

Since June 27th, 2000, I use the BEMER mat daily. I am achieving positive results in the form of small improvements. Specifically my muscles, which atrophied after becoming a paraplegic, are getting stronger. The BEMER mat is excellent in supporting the building of muscle.

The main reason, however, why the Bemer-mat accompanies me all year round to the wheelchair tennis tournaments, is the fact that I am experiencing much less nerve pain in my legs since I started using the Bemer, and therefore am more able to enjoy life. Less nerve pain for me means also a good night's sleep.

Consequently, I feel much more rested in the morning, and can tackle the day’s challenges with vigour.

MARTIN LEGNER, Switzerland

Over the past ten years a number of injuries to my left ear have left me with considerable scarring on the eardrum and some hearing loss. When in June I did terrible damage to my RIGHT eardrum (due to a fall down a flight of stairs) and faced the prospect of having to have a new eardrum grafted due to the extent of the damage, (I was suffering with Tinnitus and extensive loss of hearing in my right ear), and naturally I was devastated. However, after using the Bemer 3000 for 3 months - here is the prognosis: Not only has the eardrum COMPLETELY healed (to the doctor’s surprise), but it has left absolutely NO scarring, so one cannot even tell where the damage was. Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled with the result, thankyou, thank you, thank you!

Any time you need a testimonial to sing the praises of this amazing machine - give me a call, I would be delighted to provide one!

LINDI FAY, Whale Beach, Sydney

I have been taking anti-inflammatory tablets for many years for my Rheumatic and Osteo-Arthritis. These tablets were starting to cause me problems, so I decided to see if I could cope without them. After six weeks I had to see my doctor, as I was in such pain, particularly in my hands, that I needed medication to help me cope with daily chores. I was also suffering with lower back problems as my spine was degenerating.

A friend told me of the great success she was having by using BEMER 3000 therapy and suggested I use hers for a while. After doing this I decided to invest in one of my own. Without a doubt it is the best investment I have ever made. I have been using my BEMER 3000 for 5 months now and I have not taken one anti-inflammatory tablet in all that time. I am having far less pain than I ever experienced while taking medication, my back has not caused the problems it had in the past and I have full use of both my hands.

My husband suffers from Emphysema and he started using the BEMER. His breathing is much easier and he is coping with the cold weather much better that he has in many months.

I would highly recommend the BEMER to anyone and I will always be grateful to my friend for introducing us to this wonderful product.

JD, Forestville, NSW

Thank you so much for introducing me to the BEMER 3000! For the last 20 years my ankles were always swollen by the end of the day. After only a few weeks on the BEMER, I no longer experience this. It’s unbelievable to see such a change after all these years. In addition, whenever my husband gets a sore back, he puts the intensive applicator on it, and bingo the pain is gone!

MAL, Wisconsin

I have suffered from Arthritis in my knees, hip, neck, wrist, hand and shoulder. My knees, hip and shoulder are pain free now, while the wrist has improved. My neck has also improved and I have a lot more neck mobility.

My energy levels are much improved, and I have a general feeling of well being. I have never been a good sleeper, now, since using the Bemer 3000, I have been sleeping very well.

BF, Sydney

When I was 21, I began suffering from painful, chronic poly-arthritis. Soon, almost all my joints were affected, and I was only able to control the pain with potent prescription painkillers. At times, I could only walk on crutches and the use of a wheelchair seemed imminent. At 26, I began to psychologically and mentally deal with my situation through seminars and individual counselling a process, which ultimately enabled me over the last ten years to completely stop all medications.

The additional use of magnetic field therapy brought further improvement, which caused me three years ago, at the age of 44, to set myself a goal of completing a marathon and to begin training. The first day of training I walked 100 steps in place, the second day 300 steps, the third day 500 steps, and the fourth day the first small excursion to a park. The use of magnetic field therapy allowed me to gain an unexpected increase in performance, and after only two months and three weeks I participated in a half-marathon in Krems (21 km in 2hrs and 25 minutes, finishing 454 out of almost 900 participants).


After having major back surgery some 14 years ago and also a motor vehicle accident some years after that, I do not have the most agile back in the world. After using the Bemer 3000 regularly over the last year I have noticed a marked improvement in my aches and pains and my ability to be more active. I do a lot of gardening and general renovating and find that my recovery time to continue the next day is remarkable, thank you Bemer

CG, Melbourne

Post labour I suffered so bad back pain that I couldn't get out of bed, couldn't hold myself, let alone my baby. I was even vomiting from the pain. I was also heavily overweight from my first pregnancy, and this was number 3. I started to use the BEMER 3000, and didn't expect any miracles. I was pleasantly surprised of at how fast the results showed. I was pain free after just 2 days, and since I am not a Tylenol person, it was impressive to me. In a month I dropped one size, and continue to lose my weight. Sorry, I also don't like to do any diets. I simply love to eat. I just wanted to share it with you, so, may be many more women will find the solution for their problems.


I had been wheel chair bound for about 2 years caused by arthritis in my knees. I was on a visit to Australia to see my son and daughter-in-law, and tried the Bemer 3000. I was very sceptical at first, but was amazed at the results - within a few weeks I was able to walk short distances unaided and by the time I returned home I was walking freely and in no pain whatsoever, my family at home was amazed at the results.

R.G, visiting Melbourne from South Africa

I have the BEMER 3000 and would rather sell my car than do without it. I rented it for a couple months to see if it worked for me and now nothing can take it away from me. I am finally able to have regular restful sleep (after a year of insomnia!) and am making quick progress out of an illness I've been fighting for months.

After using the mat for a few weeks I felt strong enough to start attending regular yoga classes and, rather than have the expected sore muscles from over doing it, I have none. It's so weird!

Also, when my husband uses it before bed he doesn't snore at all. And he was LOUD. I just can't explain it: When you're stressed it calms you. When you're tired it revives you. I don't know why or how all this happens but it definitely works for me.


"When the BEMER representative spoke to me about the BEMER 3000 I was initially sceptical. Before making a purchase, I wanted to test the device for myself and was therefore only prepared to hire it for a few weeks. However, after just these few weeks, I was so convinced that I immediately bought my own BEMER device. The back pain I had suffered from for years and which no one could help me with, was gone! I have now been using my BEMER every day for over 2 years and even take it with me when travelling."

Harald Pelikan

"For a long time I was very much restricted in my mobility due to extreme wear in the knee joint. My hope was that this system would relieve the pain slightly and perhaps also help me to relax more." The way the magnetic field system works has been researched in recent studies at the Institute for Microcirculation. "Now I even participate in sports and have enrolled myself in a step aerobics class. Six months ago I could never have imagined that I would have had the courage to make such positive changes to my life."

Sabine Nüsing

"Anyone suffering from asthma or simply bronchitis will know what that means. A non-medical practitioner recommended the BREMER therapy to me. I was naturally skeptical - but by then willing to try just about anything. Already two days later I felt significant relief. I could breathe better. A year after starting the BEMER therapy I no longer needed to take any medication for my asthma – and this is still the case today. As a result, I now feel freer and much calmer."

Sylvia Rak, Krefeld, Germany

"I believe the question as to whether the BEMER therapy is a suitable treatment method for a general practice has to be answered with a definite "yes". In the BEMER therapy device we have found a broad-spectrum medical treatment device which in my opinion we cannot deprive our patients of."

Dr. med. Rolf Schönfeld, Specialist in General Medicine

"Every type of treatment in orthodox medicine, but also using alternative therapy procedures, can be supported by the weak pulsed magnetic field therapy."

Dr. Jaroslav Dbaly, President of the Swiss Physicians' Society for Magnetic Field Energy Regulation and Therapy (SAMET)

"Lying on the magnetic field helps the overexerted muscles and tissues to recover more quickly. We studied the effect and both the lab results and the athletes themselves confirmed that the capacity for regeneration improved." Dr. Beat Villiger, Manager of the Swiss Olympic Medical Team

"I have been using BEMER regularly for some years now. Every morning before getting up and in the evening before going to bed, I complete an 8-minute program. Also to aid recovery after training hard or during competition weeks, I know that I can rely on BEMER, whereby I first select level 3 and then P4 using the mat. In the case of acute problems, such as inflammation of the Achilles tendon or muscle ache, I have been able to attain good results using the intensive applicator.
In addition to the proven physiological effects, the BEMER also helps to improve my mental state. I make time for myself and in the run-up to competitive events use the time to prepare myself mentally for what lies ahead."
Simone Niggli Luder, World Champion in Orienteering

"The 7-year old gelding 'Spitfire' is mostly used in three-day eventing. Since the end of the 2003 season I have used the BEMER 3000 VET Therapy System on him daily. By using the BEMER mat throughout the entire winter Spitfire has lost none of the muscle he had built up, despite not having received a great deal of training." Sabine Adolf, Three-day Eventer

"Thanks to the consistent use of the BEMER 3000 electromagnetic field the economic damage to agriculture can be significantly reduced. The application options are varied, starting with faster convalescence in cases of pneumonia and Diarrhoea of the calf, to faster therapy in metabolic disorders of the freshly lactating cow, to reduction of the compulsory waiting time for dispensing antibiotics and antiphlogistics to treat all manner of infections."

Dr. med. vet. Maximilian Preissinger, Practicing Veterinary Surgeon

From June 2000 I experienced a ringing in my ears as a result of an extremely emotional stressful period in my family life.

At first I did not notice the ringing but as the months passed I became more conscious of it. I then went to an ENT specialist, who assured me that there is no clinical abnormality however that the ringing or buzzing is something I will have to live with.

Since then I have used various types of therapy to address this problem, with varied success.

I then read about the Magnetic Field Therapy and once I established where I could receive the treatment made an appointment 3 weeks ago. My initial response after the 1st appointment was that I felt more energized and was able to manage my stress much better. As the 2nd week of treatment proceeded, I noticed my sleep patterns had improved and together with better energy levels, felt that my tinnitus was under better management.

3 weeks later I can honestly say that the buzzing in my ear seems to have lessened by 25% and because it is linked to stress I am conscious of the buzzing when under stress.

John Warley

Hi, I'm Kenny Roberts and I am an average league tennis player. My 15 year old daughter is a very good tournament player.

She was junior SA doubles champion (under 12) in 1998 as well as in the top 5 in singles. She was always playing with one or another kind of injury. The last two years, the injuries got very bad and she was on and off the court. We went to a lot of doctors, specialists and physiotherapists, but to no avail. We even went to a witch doctor. Nothing helped.

In the meantime I was also suffering from a shoulder problem and went the same route as Carmen. Nothing helped. Playing tennis is very tough on the muscles and joints, and we were at our wits end. Must we stop playing tennis or start playing with our left hands?

Then I saw the advert for another type of treatment - Electro Magnetic Field Therapy. At first was very skeptical. Why would this treatment work? Eventually after a couple of weeks I decided to phone them. I told them that I was very skeptical, because of past experiences.

How wrong I was! After only 7 treatments each, we could already feel the difference. After about two weeks of treatment we felt no pain. As a precautionary measure, we are still having treatment.

Hopefully we will be training at 100% soon.

I believe this type of treatment will also help a lot of other people with injuries or sickness.

We are really looking forward to pain free future, thanks to you.
Kenny Roberts

I am Mathilda, and 57 years old.

For the past 25 years, I was suffering from spinal problems, arthritis, - and I had 8 operations in both knees which give me so much pain that I am in agony every day of my life.

I have tried everything from doctors, chiropractors, homeopaths and whatever I could lay my hands on, without any joy. My stomach became so sensitive to all the medicines that I had to make a choice - either aches or pains - or less pain and a stomach that kills me. My choice was aches and pains - till I read about Innomed and their new magnetic field therapy.

After my first treatment, I slept like a baby. After the second treatment, I thought that I made a mistake to take the treatment because I was aching and throbbing like never before. After consultation with the therapist, she was glad because it was a positive sign that things were happening in my body.

I am so glad that I have not stopped the treatment because after the 5th session, I felt a great difference in my whole body. My neck and my shoulders are completely better, my knees are without pain for the first time in many years and my lower back is improving so much that I have turn myself at night and don't have to ask for help from my husband.


As you are aware it is now l0 weeks since I started the BEMER 3000 therapy and I feel that you may be interested in hearing the effects of the treatment.
To summarize, I sustained serious injuries to my leg following an incident that took place in November 2003 whilst on police duty.

I sustained a compound fracture to my tibia and fibula and a dislocated heel, the surgical treatment that I received was an insertion of a plate and pins to my leg. Following my operations I received intensive physiotherapy, however the movement of my leg remains limited and the pain continues.

I have now become allergic to the metalwork and unfortunately developed ongoing bone and skin infections. I was prescribed long-term antibiotics. Unfortunately when the course of antibiotics has been completed the reaction to the metal work and the infections reappear. Due to the vast amounts of antibiotics courses that I have had I have now become allergic to the majority of them. I have now been diagnosed as having osteomylitis, which is delaying the healing process.

Since using the BEMER 3000 therapy the infections appear to have subsided I have not required antibiotics since the start of August 2005 and feel a lot better in myself. I do however need to have further surgery to remove the metal work from my leg but until the infection in the bones goes completely and the bones heal the operation remains on hold.

I have not been able to return to the police service nor have I been able to return to my chosen trade as an electrician. The BEMER 3000 therapy clearly is helping and I will continue to use it on a regular basis. I do feel very confident to recommend the BEMER 3000 therapy to anybody else in my position.

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in the therapy and wish you every success for the promotion of a valuable invention.

Darren Slade

Cystic Fibroses. I used the BEMER 3000 mattress for about four months. I have definitely felt the benefits of using this therapy.

*  I have more energy and need to sleep less.  Before using the BEMER 3000 I felt constantly tired and often took afternoon naps.

*  My eyes are brighter.  I was using eye brightening eye drops daily before the Bemer and have completely stopped using these drops now as my eyes are clear, white and healthy looking.

*  It appears that when I was using the Bemer, my chest seemed slightly better and I did not cough as much.  Before using the BEMER 3000, I would cough constantly and my coughing would keep me awake at night.  I am not quite sure how this has worked on my lungs but I tend to feel as if my lung capacity is better when using the Bemer.

*  Using the Bemer at night also helped my insomnia and although I would still wake up each night, I definitely had a better quality of sleep and felt more rested in the mornings.

*  My water intake has increased as well, as drinking water before and after using the Bemer is recommended, so that has also been an added health benefit.

*  My lung function/lung capacity measurements increased dramatically.

There seems to be many benefits to using the Bemer and I would definitely recommend it to others.  It has given me an overall feeling of wellbeing, I feel more energetic, more alert and generally healthier than before using this treatment.  A fantastic way to increase general well-being!!

Mandy Kloppers. Age 34

Recently I had the opportunity to use the BEMER 3000 therapy system on a month's trial.  My movement has been restricted since orthopaedic knee joint replacement in both legs.  I had 7 operations, the last one 3 and a half years ago.  I have had no pain since the operations; however, my movement has been restricted.
Since using the BEMER 3000 system my movement has become amazingly free, and has made such a difference to my general wellbeing.
It is my intention to purchase a BEMER 3000 system for home use.


My name is Angela Wood.  I am 45 years of age and suffer with menopause, i.e. night sweats, migraine, aching legs, lower back pain and extremely tender breasts.
I have suffered badly with depression for many years having to take medication which in turn leaves me feeling exhausted most of the time. 
Myself and my husband opened a salon 18 months ago and our opening hours were from 9am to 9pm, six days a week.  However, I would still be working until 11 at night most evenings.  This took it's toll on me, so much so that I could not focus and as a result my business suffered.
We were introduced to the BEMER 3000 therapy system in August 2005 and I am now symptom free and full of energy.  I could not function without my Bemer.  I currently start working at 9am and finish at 9pm most evenings.  I retire for bed very late - never before midnight, but once my head hits the pillow I can sleep.
Angela Wood

On November 15th 2005 I had major knee surgery as a result of a combination of things, one being the fact that I am flat footed and have badly knocked knees and the second attribute to my bad knee is due to an injury I picked up over two years ago playing polo.  I had severe lateral maltracking and extensive cartilage damage which required surgery including an open tibial tuberosity transfer, a lateral release and medial reefing as well as some arthroscopic procedures to the knee and the knee cap.

After the operation I was told I had to wear a hinged brace constantly for 8 weeks as well as crutches for the duration.  I was to do just touch down weight bearing for two weeks followed by partial weight bearing starting with 20% at two weeks post-operatively and progressing to full weight bearing by eight weeks on crutches.  I will not be able to ride a horse for six months or do any type of sport for the same period of time.

Since the end of November I have been on the BEMER 3000 machine and it has helped my rate of recovery.  The Bemer 3000 has helped with the healing of my scars as well as the range of movement that I was able to obtain in the weeks after the operation.  As well as the Bemer therapy I am having extensive physiotherapy and my physio has been pleased with the way that I am progressing each time I visit.

The x-rays two weeks after the operation showed good improvement and my surgeon was very pleased with my progress as he was with the x-rays that were taken two months after the operation.  He was very surprised to hear that I had been on a wobble board which I purchased through advice from my physio in order to help enguage my knee and to get the muscles around the knee working again.  I told him that I was able to stand on the wobble board without too much trouble.  He was delighted about my progress on this due to the fact that the type of procedure that he performed has been known to effect people's balance for up to about nine months after the operation.

I remained in the knee brace and on the crutches for the full eight weeks however I was able to weight bear at about six weeks.  I am pleased with the way in which I have recovered from my operation and am sure that the BEMER 3000 machine has helped with a number of things including the following:
1  speed up my recovery
2  help with the amount of movement and flexion that I have
3  my balance
4  healing of the scars
5  the good results as shown on my x-rays which have shown a considerable improvement in the way in which the bones have formed as a result of the tuberosity transfer.

After having seen my surgeon last week I asked him if there was any form of exercise that I could resume other that what I was already doing through my physio.  He has allowed me and, I am very pleased to say, that I am now swimming every other day and managing about 60 lengths at a time and I have also taken up riding my exercise bike for about half an hour or for as long as I can manage whilst the knee is not painful.
Sarah Henderson

Many thanks for introducing me to the BEMER 3000. As you know, whilst we were in the UK I had a serious fall resulting in bad migraines weekly, shoulder & hip pains and I had problems sleeping. The fall also damaged my left ankle joint, creating difficulty in walking, and I was constantly falling over.

At the same time I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS and I felt that my health was going downhill. Needless to say, it affected me mentally as well, especially as I was 63 years at time of diagnoses.

I have been using the BEMER 3000 a couple of times a day since August 2005 and these are the benefits experienced to date: 
- I sleep better,
- I have not fallen over since August


- No more headaches,
- I am very positive about my health,
- my mobility & balance have greatly

- my leg muscles are not as tight
- and best of all…..I have loads of energy…

Mrs. D H

One month out from my first ever marathon, the Flora London Marathon 2006, I injured myself on a nineteen mile run. After a visit to the hospital and steopath the result was that I had patella tendonopothy. Meaning I damaged the tendon connecting my thigh and shin bone, so I was walking with a very heavy limp when I could actually walk. I was advised to rest, which I did and it should heal on its own, it didn't. I then was sent to a podiatrist and she treated my injury with laser therapy, this really helped, although only for a couple of days. I was now very desperate, the marathon was two weeks away so I went to a Chinese herbalist and had acupuncture treatment, this didn't really work either. That week my osteopath asked me if I wanted a letter from her advising the Marathon officials that I could not run on medical reasons, I promptly declined insisting that I would have walked the course rather than not take part, I couldn't let down my charity Tommy's the baby charity".

I went back to the podiatrist for more intense treatment on the injury, this was brilliant I could walk relatively properly again. Although there was still a slight pain and strain when I walked up or down stairs, I thought that I could at least run some of the race but walk for the most part so my hoped time of around 3hours 30 minutes (pre injury) was out of the window.

On the Wednesday before the marathon (April 19th) I went to the Excel Centre to register for the race, once out of the way I took a stroll round the many stalls at the exhibition. I came across a stall with a bed and a woman lying on it, I thought it was a massage but there were no oils or the likes. I was intrigued so I enquired as to what was happening. I was told by a very nice gentleman briefly what it was and what it could do and would I like a free treatment. I watched the educational DVD on the laptop whilst having the treatment  and was amazed, hearing what it could do and it actually starting to happen, I was getting hotter and breathing more rapidly and deeply.  A weird sensation when you are lying stationary.   I had heard about the use of magnetism in healing but this was it brought to the 21st century.

Once I had finished with the mattress, a special sort of magnetic force brace was put around my knee for around 20 minutes.  I don't know if I was imagining it but I thought I could feel it healing. I was chatting to Eva about the BEMER 3000 and the good work that she had done with it, Olympic athletes, Race horses etc. Whilst this was happening a few other people came across and enquired about the "machine".  I told them that I thought it was working for me and a few of them gave it a try.  Once I was finished I went away and had to go to the toilets, which inevitably had a set of stairs to get to and back from them into the exhibition. For the first time in weeks I descended stairs with NO pain and NO strains.  I rushed back over to the stall where the BEMER 3000 and Eva was and told her the good news.  I left my contact details as she was interested in how I did at the marathon, which I thought was very nice.

On the tube on the way home I met a couple of workers with Realbuzz.com whom I had met a couple of months earlier at a marathon forum.  I told them of my injury and they in turn told me of theirs.  So in trying to help other non athletes achieve a dream I told them about the BEMER 3000, where it was situated and what it could do.  I think they thought that I was a salesman for BEMER 3000, because of the way I enthused about the "machine".  I showed them the range in movement in my knee that hadn't been there previously and they were amazed. They said that they were going to go in and have some treatment I told them to tell Eva that I had sent them and that she would look after them.

The guy in the couple, I think his name was Phil, I actually saw around the 18 mile mark on the day, so he must have been to see Eva.  I finished the
Flora London Marathon 2006 in 3:52:12. I am absolutely delighted with my time for the race as it was my first ever and I was told that I wouldn't be able to do it.  With help from my osteopaths, podiatrist and the BEMER 3000 machine and its operators, I ran and completed the Marathon.
John Herity

I am absolutely convinced of the potential of the BEMER 3000 for sportsman, for the treatment of injuries and for reducing recovery times after events.  For the people who don’t know this amazing (and Yes, I do mean amazing) piece of equipment, let me explain…

In July 2005 I was told that I should give up running as I had a damaged hip. I am known as the Running Dragon, and I was not going to run anymore marathons after Las Vegas last year on the 19th March - it took me 8hours, 10minutes.

However, I had committed to run the Flora London Marathon this year for Action Medical Research, in thanks for my Grandson and the treatment he has had.  I was entered for the Bournemouth Half Marathon 2 weeks prior to Flora.  It was a disaster; I pulled up halfway round in pain.  It was not only disappointing but it put serious doubts in me that the London Marathon could be done. I was well aware that I might be pulling out of Flora, and also I was committed to running the Salt Lake City marathon In the USA on the 3rd June.

I was at the Expo at the Excel centre I happened  to walk past the BEMER 3000 stand with a couple of people lying down on BEMER mattresses, I was quite  intrigued so I enquired as to what was happening. I was told by a lady I now know as Nina, briefly what it was and what it could do and would I like a free treatment.  I got up after having this treatment, during which I could feel a strange pulsing going through my body as I lay there, and was quite amazed that it did seem to have eased off the aches in my thigh and hip. I took some literature with me to read at a later time. This was on the Friday.

I was amazed when I got up on the Saturday morning, that I was in not as much pain as I had been in the past few days.  I decided that if I could get another treatment from this BEMER 3000, then maybe this  might help me to at least get round London.  It must have looked very strange to many people walking round the expo to see a red dragon lying down and a very elegant lady chatting to him. This was Eva (Director and Exclusive Sole Agent for Bemer 3000 in the UK), who told me all about the way in which this mat worked, and how it was used by the Swiss Olympic team in Athens 2004, and many world class athletes, for shorter recovery times.  After receiving this second treatment, I felt that my hip had more mobility.  I promised Eva to let her know the result of my marathon.

Sunday, on the morning of the Marathon, I set off to Greenwich with a friend.  I felt comfortable and as we set off I was just keeping myself steady, bearing in mind I had not been able to run a half Marathon 2 weeks previously.  As I continued I was amazed the ache I was expecting didn’t appear. My finish Time was 6hrs, 55mins, 47 seconds (55 seconds faster than last year).  I was over the moon and I had no pain. 1 hour later I was driving back down to Bournemouth.

This BEMER 3000 has enabled me to run again, when I thought that it was out of the question.  I have had two more treatments from the BEMER 3000 since the marathon and the effect has been noticed by others.
A running buddy of mine, Mark (he ran the Athens Olympic marathon course with me in 2004) noticed I was running stronger and that my stride was more extended. I am due to leave on Monday 22nd May for The Salt Lake City Marathon, and without the help of the BEMER 3000, I know this would not have been possible.  This equipment works, it is not a placebo effect, I do have the x-rays of my hip, showing the joint, and I have watched the DVD of the research that has gone into this treatment. Magnetic therapy has been around for years, but the pulsed magnetic BEMER 3000, is the future for not only athletes, but also for many other medical conditions.
Best Wishes From
The Running Dragon

I am a Consultant Medical Herbalist, specializing in Women’s Health and Skin Problems. I have a busy practice in Central Swansea and in the Gower Peninsular, South Wales.

I was introduced to the BEMER 3000 last year. At the time I was suffering from a frozen shoulder from an old injury as well as a sore neck. I had four sessions on the BEMER 3000 and after driving home from Hertfordshire, I realized that my frozen shoulder was not bothering me anymore. That is when I decided to buy one for my family and my patients.

The BEMER 3000 Therapy enhances every aspect of my practice. It helps overall health of my patients and is a wonderful machine, whether treating local pain, such as arthritis, open wounds and sports injuries or insidious illnesses such as M.E, or depression.  It is excellent for painful conditions and aches and pains in the body, the latter often occurs during the menopause. Most people suffer from damp-related problems in our climate.

The BEMER 3000 is so beneficial for many conditions. Most diseases benefit from improving circulation and nourishment to the cells.  It works by improving the micro-circulation and good health all begins in the cells. Improving cellular health has a knock-on effect of getting rid of many diseases and conditions.

I believe that the BEMER 3000 potentates the herbs, they work more effectively because the body absorbs them more readily. My patients are becoming better, much faster.

This BEMER 3000 really works. I am getting amazing results with patients.

Leanna Broom PhD

As you all know, I underwent an intensive training program in preparation for Athens. Being the K1 500m Gold Medalist favourite for the 2004 Olympics, the pressure was really on to perform. I have also been training with two of the hardest paddlers in the world. It's for that reason I have done nothing but my 4 sessions everyday - and then collapse at night.

To keep up the pace of the grueling training schedule I use the Bemer 3000, which assists with my rate of recovery. When training for anything, be it every day fitness to even Olympic standards, you need to be able to be fit, pain free and strong enough, with muscles having recovered to a stage so you can train effectively for the next session.

Bemer is a most effective product, it uses electromagnetism to rejuvenate cells, aiding in speeding up recovery and how long the muscles would normally take to mend. Canoeing is mainly an upper body sport, and with the training program I am on, I suffer from muscle fatigue in my back, lat muscles and my forearms. The Bemer really works for me, getting my muscles and body ready for the marathon of training that the next day will bring.

I use the Bemer everyday before I go to bed. There are different levels you can use the Bemer, however I find that once a day aids me sufficiently with my fatigue. If I ever get some spare time during the day I will also jump on the mat for a quick boost, and I find it keeps me going, aids recovery and keeps soreness to a minimal. I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

NATHAN BAGGALEY, Gold Coast, Queensland

When I learned about the BEMER3000 I was in total desperation. My prognosis was a total amputation of both legs.
My circulation was so poor in my legs, that not only had I quit dancing, I had to stop walking as well. I simply couldn't take the pain any more. My wife searched for a better treatment all over Europe. She found an option for 3 weeks in Romania.
In the mean time, my sister in law introduced us to the BEMER 3000, suggested us to try it. It would not harm you, she said, in can only help.
After 3 days, I started to feel a dull pain in my legs, but, contributed it to the normal pain I had been suffering, any ways.
After a week, I could actually walk. I continued the applications, and after 10 days I resumed the normal daily walks, but also, my weekly dancing. The big benefit is, that the trip to Romania was suppose to be for 3 weeks, yet, the BEMER3000 we can keep for the rest of
our lives. We both now, lay on the BEMER 3000 every day morning and evening. The legs are getting better, as my over all condition, blood work and my trust that I can keep my legs, my dancing and improve my life quality.
Z.Z. 02/01/06

I was so discouraged by having the hives pop out worse than ever and stick around for three days that I gave in to the medical advice, but I'm very glad that the net result is they seem to be at a manageable level again, and I do know that eventually they will go away. I've already seen several positive results from the BEMER3000, including some interesting little details such as a toenail fungus that I've had for about twelve years beginning to clear up and a small cyst from an infection on my left index finger that set in 4 years ago beginning to head up and out. I know things are moving in the right direction! Also, my son's foot is continuing to heal after 6 months of being essentially at a standstill, swollen, with thick, cracked and fissured skin covering the top. Now the skin has almost entirely healed, he has much more range of motion in the foot, and it is less swollen. His hands, which have been chronically swollen with lots of small infections where he gets scratched during work (he works outside clearing invasive species such as blackberries in county parks), look better than they have in years. With my mom the progress is more subtle, partly because I think my step dad doesn't always make sure she gets three treatments a day. However, he seems to make sure he gets into the chair where we've got the pad set up so I think even though he remains sceptical on the surface; he senses that it is doing him some good.



I had a quarto bypass surgery a year ago. I couldn't get back to me. My doctor said that there was not much h could do for me. I am 84 years old, but, didn't accept it. I am so happy to tell you that my energy level went up like it was many years ago. I have been using the BEMER3000 for just a couple of days, and I already feel the difference. I resumed
walking, working in my house, and even in my yard. My husband has severe arthritis, he can walk up and down the stairs like he never before. I just thought you would like to get our feedback.
Thank you
Helga Bauer, Florida. 04/02/06

My son was diagnosed with Autism. On top of it, his digestion has not been functioning for a very long time.   Years. I have to give him the most vigorous treatments for him to go to the bathroom. He is now for 1 month on the BEMER3000, and since the 2nd day, he is going regularly twice a day. No other system helped him. It changed so may more problems he had, and we see a significant improvement in his functions, his communication daily.
Thank you

For years the pain in my fingers and toes didn't react to any medicine. According to the doctors, I just had this disease that will gradually deform my joints. The medications didn't agree with me, and the diet was also not helping too much. It took one week with the BEMER3000 to start seeing and feeling the difference. After 8 weeks, I could use my hands like normal again. The physician was astonished, and we too.
N.M Jan, 21, 2006

I don't know if it a common problem, but, since I had a heart attack, I couldn't sleep any more. I would wake up every hour, and would be so tired the whole day through.
From the first day of the BEMER3000 therapy, I feel that I don't want to let go of it. I sleep like a baby, 8 hours through with not even one interference. Is the BEMER3000 addicting?
I know it can't be, I am just joking.
R.S Aug, 22nd 2006.

My son is Autistic. Gabriel has been using the BEMER3000 the past 2 weeks. He loves it. He was banging his head against the wall, and he had only one episode since he has been using the BEMER3000. He would have difficulties to sleep, that stopped too and he has been sleeping the whole night through. He is so much happier and so much calmer. His communication with us improved significantly since he has been using the BEMER3000.
I am very happy we took the leap of faith and bought the BEMER3000.

I am 76 years old, and have been taking very good care of myself. In spite of all the supplements I have been swallowing, my bone density has still been low. And my stress level high. I wouldn't mind if it would be the other way around. Dr. Lark's letter referred me to the BEMER3000. I decided to try it. I rented it, and after 2 weeks I had to call the lady who sent it to me, and tell her: I am sorry; I will not send the BEMER 3000 back at the end of our contract. I will have to keep it. I feel as if I am retrieving into my safe cocoon every time I use the BEMER3000. My stress level is way down, I feel so much better. Now, after 6 weeks I had another bone density test, and it got so much better that the doctor asked me, what have I done? I tried to explain her, but she said: “If you believe in it...." It was clear to me that there was not much to add. I just kept the BEMER3000, and my health is continuing to improve.



I have been using the BEMER3000 for the past 6 months. I wish I would have know about it years before. I couldn't walk up my stairs due to my knee pain. Just one week after starting using the BEMER3000, I had no trouble climbing up my stairs, and never had it again since. You said it was a fitness device. I am so much more fit, in deed. In my age 75, I had trouble holding it when I needed to use the bathroom. But, as I mentioned to you, I had to come up the stairs first. I used a pad. Now, I don't need it anymore, because I regained control over my bladder. The other problem I had was an ulcer that refused to go
away in my oesophagus. Well, last check up the doctor told me: “Dear, I don't know what happened to you, but you got yourself a new oesophagus". Isn't that beautiful how my body fitness leads to improved health? I tell all my friends about it, they find it hard to believe, yet they all come and try it.

I got the BEMER3000 for my son, who has been diagnosed with Autism. Every day was a real nightmare on his return from school. He would hit his had against the floor, and throw a fit that I couldn't handle any more. It has been just 2 weeks into the BEMER 3OOO applications, and the fits are Manageable. We can tolerate them since they quietened down significantly. I am getting mush better reports from school since. His eliminations turned to be so much better as well, and he starts to say words. I am so grateful to this Fitness device. I have been using it for myself, as I had to improve my fitness, so I
thought, if I already have it for Randy, I want to use it for myself as well. My fitness got to be so much better.

I am writing to you from Israel. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. A friend’s mother who is a Homeopath recommended me the BEMER 3000, a vegetarian strict diet, light exercise and lots of water. My family insisted that I go by the traditional medicine, and I had the Cancer tumor removed. Less then a year later, the check up indicated that it returned, yet, more aggressive then the first one. This friend asked me again to try before I start to do the chemotherapy and radiations as I was broke from the first surgery, and this was the least expensive way. He told me about more people he knew who had success with this lady's method. Now, I am 1 month into these applications. I do the BEMER 3000 3-4
times a day, I eat only vegetarian whole food, I walk daily 3-4 miles, and drink plenty of good water. She advised me to "charge" the water as well, by putting the water container for the whole day, on the BEMER3000 while using it. The tests done to me in the same Hospital indicated that there was no trace of the Tumor to be found. This is to me real health through fitness, since my body, through the support of the BEMER3000 in the process of fitness enhancement eradicated the Tumor completely. I don't recall ever a moment of such great happiness and light as now.


I just wanted you to know that I just went back to my cancer doctor and got the results from my recent blood work and I was he was amazed at the results.  My CEA's (Cancer Markers) went from 2089 down to 229 after using the BEMER for approx. four weeks. I also have my energy and went I went to see my doctor he and his nurse both could not get over how good I looked.  They said my colour and body had never looked so good. He also examined me and said my stomach had never felt this good in the three plus years that I have been seeing him. I just wanted you to know the recent results and I will keep
you informed.

Paul Kendrick

My mother is 82 years old. She is in fair shape. She was diagnosed with advanced Glaucoma in July of 2006. Since I had my BEMER3000 I thought I might try it on my mother as well. Yesterday I took her to the ophthalmologist and he was very surprised to find her eyes clear of the Glaucoma.

I believe the BEMER has been one of the greatest assets in my road to recovery from cancer. Research has shown cancer can't live in an oxygenated, alkaline environment. The BEMER is providing the oxygen and my diet is providing the alkaline environment.


I am so very thankful for my BEMER therapy mat! After three months of use I have had some great physical results for some of my health problems. My doctor is very impressed as well. After using the mat for 6 weeks, I went in for my regular checkup. When the results came back, my doctor and I were both surprised. Rheumatoid arthritis, which had been present in previous tests, was no longer present. In addition, all blood values were within normal range. I feel especially pleased because I had a heart attack in the past and was unable to use prescription medicine to keep my cholesterol level down.

The BEMER 3000 has greatly improved my health!


The following testimonials are couresty of http://www.bemt.net

In 2001, R.A. was informed by her physician that main stream medicine can no longer offer her any help. Her health problems included lupus, a five inch malignant cancerous tumor on her back, advanced arthritis, pectoral angina, candydas and severe pneumonia.

R.A. was bed ridden, unable to take care of herself, lost her hair and very depressed. "I feel as if just one hand is still sticking out of the grave. I know I am dying."

On December 10th 2001, R.A. received Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER 3000) applications.

After 1st week of regular use - Complaints for chest pains.

2nd week - Less chest pains, some mobility.

3rd week - No chest pain, decreased joint pain, some mobility.

4th week - Mobility almost restored.

5th week - Loss of excess weight, complete mobility.

6th week - No chest pain, complete mobility, life almost back to normal.

7th-8th week - Physical test indicates tumor size has decreased by 75%.

R.A. - "I will never stop using the BEMER 3000, it saved my life. The Physicians gave up on me, thank God I was introduced to the BEMER 3000 before it was too late.

RAR.C. 80 years old. had 35 years of deep eating ulcer on her legs. After many years of main stream medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, diet and so on, her physicians gave the prognosis of amputation.

R.C. started to use BEMER 3000 in September of 2001 after being referred by a friend.

After 4 weeks of use - Significant healing of ulcer.

3 months - The ulcer cleared completely, but scar tissue is still present.

4 months - Scar tissue disappeared and ulcer is gone. Over all increased energy and vitality.

E.R. was diagnosed with Neuroblatoma at the age of 3. He is now 6 years old and has gone through numerous chemotherapy and radio active treatments. He has exhausted all treatment options known to main stream medicine. His condition was desperate.

E.R. started using BEMER 3000 in April of 2002. After 4 weeks of use his blood tests indicated significant improvement of his condition. E.R.'s mother said "The Physicians have never seen such good blood work on my child" E.R. is still using BEMER 3000 and keeps improving.

Can you recall the two weeks when I came to have your treatments and guidance? At that time I was scared to death. It was the second "second" round of cancer. I was so shocked when the doctor told me that the medication I have been taking by her recommendation, to "stop" the cancer, was found to be causing cancer. Five years I was taking something so wrong and killing. So, then, I started finally using the BEMER3000, which I should have started earlier, and your treatments and diet, and here, three years later, and I am still here, thank God. The prognosis was just a few more months. My tests are good, and I feel great. I can't stretch enough how great full I am. I wish I had listen to you earlier and start using the BEMER3000 way before.

M. R

I was diagnosed with Carcinoma 4 years ago. The doctor said I had the very aggressive kind and that I should start mainstream treatments. I chose to call you and get myself a BEMER3000. I heard so many good stories about the device, and how it enhances our self healing mechanism, and immune system. I am so happy to have done it. Now 4 years later, I feel so well and it never really continued to grow or spread. Of course, I don't miss an application. It is so easy to use and the results are so good.


My whole family got the Flu. Let me tell you, it is not easy with 4 little children. I am so grateful to have the BEMER3000. My children, me and my spouse "meet" on this BEMER twice a day. We are amazed how fast we can feel so much better. The children call it "the magic pad". It kept us going in spit of the flu. It was a nasty flu. Now we recommend all our friends to get the BEMER3000, for their whole family.


For 20 years I have been in and out the Hospital with a bleeding ulcer. They tried all the medications on me. I lost blood, work, and was in a lot of pain. Truthfully, the idea of being on so many medications really scared me. So, I started using the BEMER3000. I think it is the best investment I have ever done. After all, what is the most important investment other the in our own health?!

So, I have been using the BEMER since, and gradually, no more pain. No more bleedings. I got so much stronger. I feel healthy. The most important is - my stress level came down significantly. It is so relaxing and healing.


Remember the boy I refer to you? He is healthy and happy, with his parents. His was a real gruesome story. He was diagnosed when he was 3 years old with this bad cancer. When he was 6 the doctors told the family they had nothing to offer him any more. It was so sad. He had no chance they said. Then I heard your presentation and told the father of the boy. It is 3 years since, and the boy is fine. Healthy and wild. I wish many more people would know about this BEMER 3000. Unfortunately, we all start searching for a cure after we don't have any more answers. I wish we would maintain our health, as prevention. I am sure it would work even better.

R. S

I am 36 years old. As long as I remember I have trouble to go. When I first tried the BEMER3000, I had to jump up and run to the bathroom. That was the 1 st time and I did not make the connection. Since then, it is a pattern. Since I have been using the BEMER 3000, I never had that problem again. I know how I will always do the BEMER 3000 to keep healthy and energetic.


Last winter I tipped and broke my ankle at a friend’s house. I was miserable since I don't have medical insurance. A good friend brought me her BEMER 3000 and told me how it would speed up my healing. Well, I am 65 and we all “know” that our bones don't heal so fast any more.

Yet, she was right. The doctors were amazed. And since then I have been using the BEMER 3000 for my clients as well. I am a Health Practitioner.


I am 75. I suffer from Knee pain as well as diabetes.

I am using the BEMER 3000 for my knee which helps to take the pain away, pretty quickly.

The Diabetes got much better as well.

I hope it will help me to get completely rid of my diabetes.


I just wanted to ask if it is a coincident or, is it possible? My Husband has had 4 serious back surgeries, and suffers from severe pain. The pain killers do their number on him, and make him very sick. So, they are not an option any more. It has been just 1 week since we purchased the BEMER3000, and he claims to be pain free already. Is it possible?

Will it last? So far he still is pain free.

God bless the BEMER3000. It was unbearable to watch him suffer, and not been able to help.


You saw our little daughter Shiri when we first came to see you. She was damaged by the medication Phenobarbital. The prognosis was; she will remain retarded.

Today, we receive the confirmation as to how impressively she progresses, and as of today, she is not retarded any more. Her physicians are stunt. We told them about the BEMER3000, yet, they don't believe. We don't believe either. We know.

Thank you so much for your big help


One treatment, the muscles in my neck & shoulders were so relaxed, I slept properly for the first time in

weeks! No stress, no tension! - MARION, Wynberg

Since BEMER treatment, my blood sugar has stabilized, migraines have disappeared, and I feel GREAT.

TONY (Diabetic, now off medication)

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and CFS. I lived in pain & exhaustion for two years. I wanted to die. Now I have

my life back.

CHERYL - Insurance Administrator, Vredehoek

Definitely part of my first aid kit in the home. - DEBORAH – Homemaker, 3 children

Since BEMER treatment, I sleep better, sinusitis has reduced drastically, arthritis symptoms have improved

and I feel wonderful. - JOYCE, Northern Suburbs

Osteoarthritis symptoms have become much more manageable, and I no longer have an aching back after a long day in front of the computer. - STEVE – Financial Director, Cape Town

After my mother’s death, I developed severe depression and fatigue. BEMER treatment pulled me through. I won’t be without my BEMER. - RETHA, Vereeniging

My sinus problem is GONE – COMPLETELY – in five treatments. I have had this problem for 20 years. It’s amazing! - MICHAEL, Cape Town

After surgery, my wound went septic and the stitches pulled loose. After 2 BEMER treatments (in one day), it

was healed and clean. - ROZLYN, Durbanville

My 15yr old is ADD. She is now off Ritalin, and on BEMER – and its working!