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Why do competitors always compare themselves to BEMER?

Everyone knows that in today‘s world when someone wants to gather information on a subject, they turn to the internet. Unfortunately, what is written is not always accurate. The problem is that anyone can say anything online. People state opinions as if they were facts and can distort facts without liability. It would be wonderful if everyone who put information on the internet had integrity, yet some companies use misleading information (a tactic called "marketing manipulation”). The goal of marketing is to capture the sale, yet it is important that it is done with proven facts.

We at BEMER are aware that competitors have used this type of marketing:

  • We have seen competitors use our research to validate their products.
  • We have heard inaccurate statements about our product.
  • We know that many competitors make illegal medical claims taken from other websites

BEMER stands above the rest

  • BEMER has the scientific research to prove that it is the most effective device available.
  • BEMER had the legal courts of Germany validating the effectiveness of our product.
  • BEMER stands on proven facts.

Don’t be a victim of advertising fraud.

Don’t believe everything you read or hear.

Ask for proof.

Demand the truth by asking for the scientific research about the product.

We at BEMER are dedicated to the highest standards of products and education. We stand by our proven scientific research, our international patents, and above all our integrity, which has made us the leader in PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) applications worldwide.

It is important to us that you have all the information to make a good decision. We invite you to investigate the claims we and our competitors make and we are confi dent you will agree that the BEMER 3000 Plus is the most reliable and eff ective PEMF product on the market.

Everyone claims to be the best. But how do you know which product IS the best?

The answer is important since you want the product that offers the most benefits. Obviously, it is the benefit that counts! The BEMER 3000 Plus has been clinically and scientifically proven to be at least twice as effective as any other PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) device on the market.  Th e signal, the crucial “active component” of PEMF is what makes the biggest diff erence. The BEMER signal cannot be compared to other PEMF devices. It’s like comparing an apple to an orange.

Certified as the BEST!

On Friday, January 30, 2009 the German Regional Court in Berlin ruled for the first time in the PEMF industry history. The result was the approval of more than 50 different advertising statements made by BEMER. The ruling was reached due to the fact that these statements are based on indisputable, scientific facts, backed by results from multiple studies and thorough research. See below to review the scientific results from the research of renowned scientist and author Dr. med. Rainer-Christian Klopp, comparing the BEMER 3000 to competitor models.

Key points approved by the German Regional Court - Legal No: 52O286107

  • Scientific studies using the BEMER 3000 Plus show an improvement in microcirculation as the most significant success factor of PEMF applications.
  • The BEMER signal is the only impulse whose effect is scientifically proven to be beneficial. The most significant eff ects of the BEMER signal on the organism of humans and animals are:
  • Increased supply of oxygen and energy (ATP) through the improvement of microcirculation.
  • Support of the body‘s own self-regulatory mechanisms through the activation of cellular and molecular processes.
  • Supports the immune system through improved adhesion behavior of white blood cells to protect the body from free radicals.

Comparisons between products

Better results means a better product!

In the comparison chart below, Dr. Klopp does not directly name any products or manufacturers in his scientific studies, but rather refers to them as product A-F . It is not really necessary anyway, because he describes the signal types as permanent magnet, sinusoidal, trapezoidal, triangle, sawtooth and BEMER signal. In the following study and the corresponding table you can see the various signals used by PEMF device manufacturers.

Out of fairness to our competitors we would like to mention that even we do not know exactly which of the competitors’ systems are represented. There is, however, not a huge selection, since Dr. Klopp only compared the 6 best (as seen below) from 12 well-known suppliers worldwide. The mere fact that comparison studies were conducted as blind studies should clearly indicate the respectability of the research findings.

Measured Parameter:

O2 in % -Exhaustion of oxygen supply in the venules ΔpO2 *

* Please see further examples in Dr. Klopp's book 'Microcirculation'

Measuring intervals (in minutes) after a 6 minute application.

The test data for Signal A shows a statistically significant difference compared to the data of all other products

The parameter that is measured (measured in 8 mm depth) is not the same as graphic 1 but shows a higher vasomotion through BEMER Plus signal which already means a higher oxygen utilisation. Measuring intervals (in minutes) after a 6 minutes application. The test data for Signal G shows a statistically significant difference compared to the data of all other products.

Various PEMF Systems — Comparison Table

Comparison of BEMER, Unittron, QRS, MRS 2000, Curatron & Magnetic Jewellery

Bio-feedback devices:
Bio-feedback devices can hardly be compared to the BEMER as they conduct an evaluation that takes a measurement (bio-feedback) to determine an appropriate PEMF utilizing a corresponding simple signal (i.e. sinus, sawtooth, or double sawtooth) and frequency.

With BEMER it is not necessary to conduct this measurement! The BEMER’s patented signal addresses all the individual needs of the body in a low enough frequency to ensure there are no negative side-effects. Only the BEMER signal has achieved the most effective physiological benefits due to its patented characteristics and design.

BEMER stands above the rest!

  • The BEMER is certified for safety and eff ectiveness in Europe.
  • BEMER has a unique patented signal unsurpassed since 1998. Additionally, in 2007 BEMER released the BEMER Plus signal that increases blood flow in microcirculation up to 24%.
  • The BEMER has been the subject of many articles throughout the world in the last years, including many health magazines, veterinary publications and sports & medical journals.
  • The BEMER is used by world-class athletes, including numerous Olympic medalists and world champions.
  • The BEMER has been on the market for over 12 years.
  • Many PEMF websites only refer to the general PEMF application literature whose studies were done using other competitor devices; whereas BEMER has done studies comparing the BEMER signal to our competition.
  • BEMER has documented its effects as they impact:
    • Strengthening of the immune system
    • Stabilizing the oxidative balance
    • Increasing ATP
    • Microcirculation
    • And a lot more...


BEMER Patents:

Explaining the physical differences

BEMER signal:
Euopean Patent (EP 0 995 463 A1)

The BEMER signal patented by Dr. Wolf A. Kafka in 1998 was quite a sensation in the PEMF market.

Dr. Wolf A. Kafka was born November 20, 1939 in Wasserburg/Inn, Germany. He earned degrees in physics (focusing on theoretical atomic, molecular physics and magnetism) and neurophysiology, doctorate awarded summa cum laude. He went on several extended research trips to the United States (US Dept. of Agriculture, Philadelphia offi ce) before settling into a career with the Max-Planck-Institute for Behavioral Physiology. He spent more than 30 years at the institute as a researcher and director, conducting research on molecular mechanisms. His work has been the basis for a large number of scientific developments and patents, publications in internationally-recognised journals and documentaries. In 1998,he was named the President of the International Association for Research on the Physiological Eff ects of Electromagnetic Fields under Normal and Extreme (Space) Conditions, (EMPHYSPACE).He is the primary researcher and developer for the BEMER electromagnetic field and the application concept.

The signal produces better results than any other PEMF device. The application of magnetic fields continues to gain credibility in the areas of injury prevention and recovery after physical and mental stress. In addition to permanent magnets, whose effectiveness have not yet been scientifically documented, pulsed magnetic fields with varying impulse forms are being used today. However, the BEMER impulse verifiably achieved the most extensive physiological benefits. What is so special about this impulse? The signal!

The signal (wave form):

The simplest wave form is a sinusoidal wave. By overlaying varied sinusoidal waves with different frequencies and different flux densities (amplitudes) other impulse forms are created. Exactly how these impulses are created is proprietary but the results are evident. The patent-protected BEMER impulse is one of a kind. It consists of a series of half-wave-shaped, sine-like intensity variations. Beginning with every minute values, the intensity initially increases slowly, then drops down again to a value that is within an impulse, but higher than the initial value. This sequence repeats whereby the changes in intensity grow closer together and the distance to the zero axis increases continually. The ascent and descent patterns become steeper correspondingly. The impulse is therefore generated 33 times per second (33 Hz).

The frequency:
Frequency refers to the periodic waves (sine). It is explained as the number of complete periodic waves per second and the measurement unit is Hertz (Hz). With regard to the BEMER impulse, we can speak of frequencies only to a limited degree. The impulse is created by overlaying sine waves of varying individual frequencies. The BEMER impulse contains a uniquely broad frequency spectrum. Are the frequencies responsible for physiological changes? According to the latest research, the specific shape of the impulse is what produces higher, physiologically positive changes. Time variations within each impulse are more descriptive. The BEMER signal is the most diverse and frequent signal of any PEMF product in the market. Our
competitor‘s signals are traditionally in the trapezoid or sawtooth pattern. The BEMER signal is clearly superior due to the:
• frequency spectrum
• amplitude of the change in the signal
• exponential growth curve

Time variations:
The word "frequency" is automatically presumed to be a one second measure of time. As mentioned, the BEMER signal occurs 33 times per second (33 Hz), but the signal itself also has many variations in it. These variations cannot be referred to as Hertz (Hz) because they are occuring faster than a one second measure of time. Therefore, we refer to them simply as "time variations". These variations in the signal produce better results than another model. Simple signals have infrequent and fewer time variations producing less eff ective results.

The Intensity:
The intensity or force of a magnetic field is referred to as flux density (electrical induction) and expressed in units of Tesla (T). Gauss (G) is an older measuring unit rarely used today. It is generally accepted that a magnetic field achieves its physiological benefits only within very specific flux densities.
This range of flux densities is called the amplitude window. For sine and square waves the amplitude window covers the range of about 30 to 200 Milli Tesla (mT); very high intensity. For exponentially increasing wave forms the amplitude window is in the range of less than 100 Micro Tesla (μT); low intensity, similar to the intensity of the geomagnetic field. The effect of the impulse is dependent on the time variances and their amplitudes, as mentioned above.

Many competitor systems have an exponential increase in amplitude, but totally constant and without variaton. If we consider the average flux density as the activator of the physiological effects, each of these impulses is at the exact average only once per impulse. If we consider the BEMER impulse in contrast to that, we can see that each half-wave shaped sine-like intensity variation contains the average flux density one time.
In other words, the BEMER impulse moves more often and therefore longer in the range of the average flux density than any other impulse from any other competitor system (see illustrations).

In the sawtooth signal the average flux density (red line) is reached only once per impulse.
In the BEMER signal the impulse moves in the range of the average flux density over a longer period of time. Whereas the average
flux density, in the example above, is in the range of the average flux density 10 times per impulse.

The measurable diff erence:
Due to the physical construction, the BEMER creates 40 triggers or stimulations per pulse with the pulse repeating 33 times per second (33 Hz). Therefore, the BEMER has more than 1200 stimulations per second, whereas other devices (double sawtooth, for example) have a maximum of 800 stimulations (or much less) per second. This is a significant diff erence!

To clarify, research shows that conventional devices operate with sinusoidal, trapezoid, sawtooth, or double sawtooth signals (see BEMER comparison table above). The BEMER device contains all these signals. Based on physics principles, a single sinusoidal signal overlaid with other sinusoidal signals will become a trapezoid signal, a sawtooth or triple sawtooth signal, and ultimately a BEMER signal is created.

Any PEMF supplier who tries to go beyond a double sawtooth signal, with an exponential growth curve in an effort to surpass the BEMER signal, runs the risk of infringing on the BEMER patents!

BEMER signal:

Worldwide Patent (DE 2006 041 365 A1 2008.03.13)

At the beginning of 2007 BEMER applied for a patent for the BEMER Plus, the signal created through the research and genius of Dr. med Rainer Klopp, leader of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, Germany and one of the most renowned microcirculation researchers worldwide. This discovery was a giant leap for the achievements in research and applications of PEMFs.

Dr. med Rainer Klopp, (German title for a medical doctor) born in 1943, studied at the Humboldt University of Berlin, as a medical specialist. After research work in physics and biophysics, he worked as the head physician at the Charité Institute in the area of clinical pathophysiology and later worked at the Institute for Cardiovascular Diagnostics.

In 1992, while at Charité Institute, Dr. Klopp founded the Independent Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin. It has cooperative relationships with several universities and research centers in Germany and abroad. To date Dr. Klopp has written more than 100 original scientific papers, contributions to medical journals, textbooks and holds several patents.

The BEMER Plus signal is superior to the original BEMER signal.

Every 20 seconds, five BEMER pulses are administered (see graphic) with the maximum flux density of approx. 35 Micro Tesla corresponding to level 10.

BEMER Plus signal: Impact on vasomotion
The rhythmic contraction of small arteries and arterioles called vasomotion plays an important role in the distribution of blood in the tissues. It is induced by the coordinated contraction of the individual smooth muscle cells of the vessel walls as a result of oscillating variances in the intra-cellular calcium ion concentration. The BEMER Plus signal therefore focuses on two strategies: The first strategy is improving circulation via the activation of the “endothelium-controlled nitric oxide system” through an optimal amplitude window (optimal influx of calcium). The second strategy includes improving the circulation via the stimulation of vasomotion process through oscillating variances in the intra-cellular calcium ion concentration. The former, we achieve through the individual programs and the latter through the temporary increase in flux density (level 10 for 151 milliseconds) every 20 seconds (Plus signal).

Clinical Studies:

BEMER GCP confirmationEuropean BEMER clinical studies comply with the worldwide accepted Good Clinical Practice (GCP) rules.

Photographic evidence provided by GCP confirms BEMER studies utilizing extremely complex and expensive high speed film technology called “intravital microscopy combined with laser flow technology”. This technique makes it possible to film images of your microcirculation – your “Highway to Health” non-invasively.


The resulting images can not be applied to competitor system results. The copyright for these images belong to the BEMER group and is currently unique. None of our competitors have this kind of clear, scientific proof of their results.

The impact on microcirculation:
The most important aspect of our circulation, the microcirculation, is not only
responsible for delivering important nutrients to our cells, but also for the removal of waste products produced through the metabolic process. Any disturbance of microcirculation is "the basis of nearly all diseases” because of its foundational and critical functions in our body. On the other hand, a positive impact on microcirculation can be the foundation for maintaining or regaining our health.

The impact on the immune system:
The immune system is a complex network in the body, which combats infection in the body. One component of this complicated defense mechanism is the white blood cells or leukocytes. They are present nearly everywhere in the body and are controlled by information proteins or other messenger substances. In case of infection, or other attacks on your health, these messenger substances go to work to fi ght off infections. Th e BEMER Plus electomagnetic field helps the immune system through the increased formation of specifi c proteins and messenger substances resulting in improved defensive readiness.

Signifi cant increased roll action & adhesion of white blood cells (leukocytes)

Clinical Study results

Institute of Microcirculation, Berlin, Germany

As referenced in the book: Microcirculation

The impact on energy (ATP) production:
Adenosine-triphosphate (ATP) is the vital ENERGY molecule of all living systems. ATP is continuously recycled in organisms, with the human body turning over its own weight in ATP each day. A healthy adult produces approximately 110-165 pounds of ATP daily in the body and simultaneously uses it for energy. Oxygen is the most important substance our cells need to produce energy (ATP). It is more efficiently transported throughout the body when red blood cells are free to carry more oxygen. Our sedentary society and other environmental issues cause our blood cells to stick  together. The BEMER 3000 Plus seperates them so they are able to carry more oxygen for higher energy production.

The impact on the eff ects of environmental influences:
Free radicals are aggressive oxygen compounds in the body that not only attack surrounding substances, but also play a signifi cant role in the development of cancer, heart and circulatory disease and rheumatic and auto immune diseases. Additionally, they influence the aging process.
The formation of free radicals, as well as free radical binding substances happens naturally in the body. However, this process can be negatively impacted by unfavorable and unbalanced environmental factors. This is where the BEMER 3000 Plus can help! It supports the body’s natural creation of free radical binding substances by squelching oxidative damage while building up anti-oxidant protection.

BEMER continues to grow!

The BEMER 3000 Plus is clearly the superior PEMF device scientifi cally, and the BEMER business is gaining ground in the industry.

BEMER 3000 Plus – Simply the best!

BEMER has received many awards at the world’s largest inventor exhibitions for the revolution and innovation it has achieved in the electromagnetic field with the innovative pulse used in the BEMER systems.

Awards at Inventor Exhibitions in Nuremburg, Geneva and Strasbourg to name a few.

BEMER - subject of many publications throughout the world

More than 5,000 medical professionals

1,000+ world class athletes

Hundreds of other exclusive partnerships

Our Product: Why we do what we do!

For the past two decades, the medical profession has accepted the fact that poor health and a number of diseases are associated with distrubances in microcirculation and may even be caused or at least exacerbated by it. This does not only apply to the transportation of nutritive substances, but also to the body‘s own defense mechanism. A disconnect occurs when the proper functioning of the microcirculation and the body‘s immune system fails to protect itself. Stimulating a compromised microcirculation will increase the functionality and adaptability of many organs, and support the body‘s
own defense mechanisms. The BEMER 3000 can do the job!

taken from the BEMER Superiority Document from Innomed International AG